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Our Product BR-ONE (R-461A)

This product's quality and performance make it the best choice to retrofit R-22 systems so you can use it with complete confidence and peace of mind.

It is safe, nonflammable, nontoxic and is classified A1 by ASHRAE. It is also a zero ODP refrigerant

BR-ONE is the perfect replacement for R-22

The operation pressures are very close to R-22 in wide pressure ranges, making it the high-performance choice for both OEM and service replacement uses.

No complications, no expensive retrofits. You won’t need any product-specific tools or supplies to use BR-ONE. It’s compatible with all standard oils and all standard equipment components and materials used in R-22 systems.

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Behr Refrigerants About Us

Behr Refrigerants is a privately held company located at East Granby, Connecticut serving the HVAC/R & wholesale customers by providing alternative none-ozone depleting refrigerants to bridge the gap in the market as the R-22, CFCs, and HCFCs phasing out completely By Jan 1st, 2020.

Our products are backed by technical professional engineers who designed and optimized this product to improve the capacity and the efficiency of this refrigerant not like other competitors' offerings, these efforts resulted in obtaining two patents from the U.S. patent office.

BR-ONE an R-22 drop in replacement refrigerant compatible with all systems oils (mineral, POE,

Alkyl benzene oil) used in R-22 systems (medium and low applications).

Our mission is to provide the market with the best refrigerants by developing, producing, and marketing superior environmentally safe refrigerants while offering the best technical support in the business.

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Behr Refrigerants, LLC

15C international Dr
East Granby, Connecticut 06026
Tel. 860-413-9500
Fax. 860-413-3465